YGOM Takes Sonoma and Napa (Day 3)

Hey wine friends! All good things must come to an end. Today, I conclude the recap of my wine adventures in Sonoma and Napa. Day 3 was really fun. My friend joined us and introduced us to some really great wineries. I’ll share two of them below and I’ll also note which wineries I wasn’t too fond of on my trip as well. Like I say on my “About Page,” I keep it real around these vines, so it wouldn’t be fair just to talk about the good things I experienced. It’s important for me to advise you on what to… View Post

YGOM Takes Sonoma and Napa (Day 2)

Hey wine friends! Hope you enjoyed the recap of my first day in wine country. Now, I’m on to day two, which was also very eventful. We spent the day in Glen Allen, which is located in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Read below where my wine adventure led to next. Ty’s Takeaways… Benziger Family Winery Tasting Room Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wine Tastings: Five wines from Benziger’s Vintner’s Choice menu for $20; Additional speciality tastings, click here. Winery Fun Fact: Benziger is completely ‘green’ when it comes to its winemaking process (read more below) Winery Tours:Partners Vineyard Tour & Exclusive Wine Tasting, Biodynamic… View Post

YGOM Takes Sonoma and Napa (Day 1)

Northern California wine country — Oh, how I miss thee! I can’t believe it’s been a week since my Sonoma/Napa Labor Day Weekend trip! I had soooo much fun. I’d have to say it was my best wine tasting experience yet. This trip wasn’t just about visiting tasting rooms. I also got a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at many of the wineries I visited too. I saw a different side of the winemaking business, that only strengthened my love for the industry and made me want to learn more! A California native, I can’t believe it took me this… View Post

Four Seasons Hotel Vinoteca Bar

Big crowds aren’t for everyone. Gone are the days when I yearn to be at a happy hour jam-packed with young professionals attempting to “connect and network.” (I use air quotes because 85 percent of the time real connections aren’t being made.) That social setting can be unsettling and even intimidating for some. In my thirties, I appreciate getting together 1-on-1 or in smaller groups where genuine conversation is the focus and wine is an added bonus. So, if you’re looking for a lowkey place in the city to unwind and have a couple drinks, then you should check out the… View Post

Amancay Torrentés Reserva

Amancay Torrentés Reserva Region: La Rioja, Argentina Vintage: 2014 Varietal: Torrentés Cost: $7.99 Retailer: Trader Joe’s In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock lately, it’s the #summerofwhitewine16 here at YGOM! For my red wine lovers, I promise to start profiling more reds in the fall. But stick with me just a while longer as I explore my love for whites this summer. Recently, I was at Trader Joe’s when I came across this Torrentés Reserva from the Amancay Winery in Argentina. Now, Torrentés is a varietal that I was not familiar with, so I was very interested to give it a… View Post