#WineWednesday: The Doctor Is In

The Doctors

The Doctors’ Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $14.99
Year: 2012
Region: New Zealand
Retailer: Spec’s

The Doctors’ Sauvignon Blanc is currently my favorite wine in THEE whole entire world. It’s so special that you can only find it at ONE Spec’s in Houston. (Sorry, non-Houston followers, but at least you can order it online.) Here’s a funny story about how I discovered this gem…

So, this guy took me on a date to 13 Celsius (another favorite…review coming soon), a really cute wine bar. We’re scrolling through the menu and I’m trying to pick something new. I came across The Doctors SB, which is described as full of black currant, tropical fruit and herbaceous aromas. All I understood was tropical fruit and that was good enough for me.

We both decided to order a glass. I’m telling you it was love at first sip! The wine definitely trumped the entire date. I say that because when the bill came he insisted we go Dutch. #sideeye #hedefinitelyhadmeconfused Yeah, we never went out again smh. But on the bright side, I found my favorite wine and wine bar. #winning

Okay, okay….back to the actual wine.

Ty’s Takeaways…

Trust! This wine is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! What I like about it the most is it’s not as dry as other white wines. It’s very crisp and you can tastes hints of tropical fruit. This wine is so light and refreshing. I can’ t help but do my happy dance every time I have a glass bottle and praise Him for this wonderful blessing! Since SBs are in the middle of the sweet and dry spectrum, I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to transition from moscato to something more mature. #yeahisaidit

Overall Rating: 5 Corks

Buzzworthy: The Doctors’ SB contains 9.5 percent alcohol. Most SBs are 12.5-13 percent. If you’re a wino that likes to get tipsy, don’t let this discourage you from purchasing. Most white wines contain lower amounts of alcohol. So, you’ll probably need to pour a couple of glasses if you’re trying to get your buzz on. Enjoy!



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