Does Size Really Matter?

It depends on what you’re talking about…*sips wine*


Pump your breaks! Let’s bring it back into perspective. We’re talking about wine glasses here. #getyourmindright


I’ve seen wine served in so many different types of glasses. Big, small, flutes, globlets and crystal if you’re real fancy. #notaboutthatlife

I started with my little glasses from Ikea (see above, second from the right), but after seeing Olivia Pope with her ridiculous ginormous glasses, I knew I had to step my game up to start drinking like a boss. The bigger, the better, right? *sips wine*

But, with so many wine glasses out there…does the size really matter? Let’s sip and see!


Ty’s Takeaways…


  • Red vs. White
    Red wines are best served in larger wine glasses. They’re full of complex aromas and flavors that need more room to open up. A larger bowl allows the wine to come into contact with more air and fully circulate, so that the aromas are released. A white wine glass bowl will be more U shaped and upright than that of a red wine glass, allowing the aromas to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature.
  • Stem vs. Stemless
    The decision comes down to a discussion of style and grace. Stemmed glassware is obviously more traditional. Did you know that the stem allows you to hold the glass without having your hand on the actual bowl, so that you don’t interfere with the wine’s temperature? Aaahhhaaa! While long stemmed glasses are very elegant, they can also break more easily. They’re also difficult to load in a dishwasher and store. Shorter stems are more practical, especially for everyday use.In recent years, stemless wine glasses have become very popular. They have a very sleek and sexy look to them. The good thing about stemless glassware is they are offered in the same shapes and styles of bowls as traditional stemmed glasses. Plus, there are limited risks of breakage. However, keep in mind wine may be warmed faster than with stemmed glasses.
  • Flutes on Deck
    A flute shaped glass is best for champagne and sparkling wines. It’s upright and narrow shape allows the glass to retain the carbonation with greater intensity and duration. If you’re open to trying something different use a white wine glass instead. The wider bowl allows the wine to better open up. Your bubbles may seem to dissipate more quickly, but you will still taste their sensation in your mouth.
  • Dessert Wine:
    For all you moscato addicts (I promise to get you help) small wine glasses are best because they direct the wine to the back of the mouth so the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm.

So, when you put all this information together, using certain glassware can enhance your wine experience when paired with the correct wine. However, the size glass you use ultimately depends on where you are in your wine journey. I choose to stay bossed up in my Olivia Pope glasses. But, I have no problem drinking wine out of a regular glass. #nojudgment Who I am to turn down wine because the proper glass isn’t available? #liesyoutell

But to be honest, in a dream world my glasses would look like this.


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have the right glassware. We’ll work on that later. I’m going to write a post on where to buy affordable wine glasses. But in the meantime, no matter what you’re drinking out of…


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