#WineWednesday: Highway to Red

Highwayman RedHighwayman Proprietary Red Blend
Price: $27.99
Year: 2012
Region: Sonoma County
Retailer: Spec’s (check online if you live outside of Houston)

If you ask them, they will choose…

Shout out to the Bulgarian sales associate at Spec’s for recommending this week’s #WineWednesday choice.

Last weekend, I was on a serious wine mission to find a bottle of Gnarly Head Authentic Black. (Ha…I love that there’s a wine called Gnarly Head) One of my closest friends from back home could not stop talking about it. I knew this wine had to be legit because she actually picked up the phone to call me and she NEVER calls..lol. She’s that friend who only communicates via gchat and text, so I knew it had to be serious when she called not once, but TWICE!

But unfortunately after all that hype, Spec’s did not carry that specific Gnarly Head. #womp Rather than leave Spec’s empty handed, I decided to take the sales associate up on his offer to make another recommendation for me. My new Bulgarian friend suggested that I splurge a little and try Highwayman, which was a little above my normal price point. I normally spend around $20 when buying wine, but something in my gut said trust him…and I’m glad I did!

Ty’s Takeaways…

From appearance to taste, Highwayman Proprietary Red Blend is bad…Michael Jackson bad. Although, Highwayman came highly recommended, I was a little hesitant about trying a new red wine. See, I normally stick with whites. But, just like a MJ performance, this red was filled with nonstop surprises.

I knew this wine was not playing as soon as I opened the bottle. The aromas immediately popped out. They were so strong, yet sweet. The wine smelled like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I couldn’t stop sniffing…lol. #nojudgment

Upon the first pour, I was taken back by how rich the color of the wine was. It was so dark. It looked like a deep maroon. Typically, I associate dark reds with having a dry taste, but for this full-bodied red that was not the case. I found Highwayman to be tart, but not overbearing. It was very smooth with hints of cherries and blackberries, which made it easy to handle. Plus, the tannins weren’t super strong, so I didn’t have worry about a sour after taste. I really, really enjoyed this PWT (pretty wine thing) ;)

Overall Rating: 4 Corks

Buzzworthy: Highwayman Proprietary Red Blend contains 14.8 percent alcohol. Most reds max out at 15-16 percent, which makes this red pretty high on the chart. Yet, I did not get a buzz…shocking, I know. After all of the other buzzworthy reviews, I was starting to think I had a problem. I had two glasses of this wine and nada. But, that’s not to say that you’ll have the same experience. Highwayman red is a great wine for relaxing. I actually think this would be the perfect wine to drink while watching Scandal. It’s pretty chill and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting tipsy while trying to pay attention to such an intense show. So, head on over to your local wine store and purchase a bottle!

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