Fox Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon

Fox Hollow

Fox Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $11 (plus some change)
Year: 2012
Region: California
Retailer: Memorial Wine Cellar

I’m stressed! Work and life have got me all discombobulated. #aintnobodygotimeforthat

Normally, I would sulk with a bag of Twizzlers (my remedy for all problems), but since I’m choosing to drink my extra calories (#ikid, no wine-arexia here), I opted for a glass of wine instead ;)

I just knew this week was going to be trouble after I received an annoying email as I was leaving the office last Friday. I even prayed Sunday evening for God to give me strength for the week ahead. Then Monday hit and it was evident that people had been sippin’ on that cray cray juice over the weekend because foolishness landed in my inbox around 10:58 a.m. Yeah…thanks for the two-hour grace period. #not

Fast-forward 24 hours later and I’m just as overwhelmed as I was yesterday. My only comfort was knowing that a glass of wine makes everything better.

I’d already opened a bottle of Rose for a summer wine review, but I wanted something stronger…not necessarily in alcohol content…but a wine that was potent and bold to boost my moral.

Then I was reminded of a new Cabernet Sauvignon that I tried at a wine tasting class recently. Check out my thoughts below.

Ty’s Takeaways…

Simply put…Fox Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon is like love in bottle. My cousin told me to never say that out loud, but it’s true. It’s sooo freakin’ good!!

This Cab is a deep cranberry red with some pretty dueling aromas. One minute, I was able to smell hints of cherries, but then that sweet aroma was followed by a whiff of dirt and maybe even a little wood. Weird?! I know.

No worries though…there’s nothing contradicting about its taste.

This medium-bodied Cab is so smooth that its acidity won’t even overwhelm you. It’s very subtle. At the last second, right before you’re about to swallow the wine you get a little kick in the back of your throat. It’s worth it in the end because you get a taste of cherries.

I knew when I had first tried this wine a couple weeks ago at Memorial Wine Cellar that I’d found a new red wine that I liked a lot. (Good thing because apparently they discontinued my Doolhof Cabernet Sauvignon #rip)

So, why the love analogy?? …because I immediately felt it after my first sip lol. This wine puts me at peace. Like love, this Cab is complex, yet very satisfying. Love is not black or white. I believe that there is some gray in there. This wine has many layers to it, but once you work past them there’s a beautiful surprise at the end. If I could package love in a wine bottle, it would taste just like this Fox Hollow Cab.

And just like love, this bottle will make you feel like you can conquer anything. *Raises glass* And here’s to an even better rest of the week. #ting

Overall Rating: 5 Corks

Buzzworthy: Fox Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon contains 12.5 percent alcohol. According to Wine Folly, Cabs are typically between 13.5 -15 percent. Obviously, this Cab is below average, but it’s still very good. I’m sure after a couple of glasses it could definitely reach its buzzworthy potential.

Take a sip and let me know what you think. Is it love?

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