House of Cabs

Domaine Laroque Cabernet Franc
Price: $10
Year: 2013
Region: France
Retailer: Central Market

I’ve been on this huge Netflix kick lately. Probably, because I went over a year without having real TV, so I guess you can say I’m making up for lost times. #dontjudgeme

Right now I’m hooked on House of Cards. Yessss!! This show is so freakin’ awesome! It’s like Scandal, but on steroids AND without the all the relationship triangle BS. Come on now….nobody has time for that ish when you’re really trying to run (or takeover) the government. Sorry Fitz…

If the politicians in office are as cunning and malicious as the ones on this show, then America we have a problem!! But, I’m here for all 48 minutes and 55 seconds of this suspenseful drama!

Watching HOC is an event that wouldn’t be complete without wine of course. Hey, even Frank and Claire (the main characters) are avid wine drinkers. You’ll definitely need a glass bottle to calm your nerves as you watch the plot escalate throughout the seasons. I just started season two, so no spoilers!

I picked the perfect wine for your HOC viewing pleasure. All bets are off with this one! So, get ready to trade in your cards. Only cabs win in this house!!

Ty’s Takeaways…

Cab Franc 2

This week, I’m reviewing Domaine Laroque Cabernet Franc. If you’re not familiar with Cab Franc, it’s a thin-skinned red grape that grows particularly well in cooler climates, and is originally from the Bourdeaux and Loire Valley regions of France. I hadn’t even heard of it until my last trip to Temecula. Needless to say, I immediately became a fan.

Kind of ironic that I picked a Cab Franc and the main character’s name on HOC is Frank Underwood. Okay, maybe not…I did it on purpose. (lol) But, I thought it would be fun to compare this Cab Franc to Frank.

Domaine Lorque Cab Franc is a deep cranberry red with very subtle aromas of red berries and cherries. Its dark appearance reminds me of Frank who is obviously the villain on the show. Although, it appears that he’s helping other politicians move up in rank, he’s only using them to get where he wants in office. Like Frank, the aromas of this Cab Franc are very deceptive as well. Don’t get caught up in this red’s sweet bouquet because its light, fruitful flavors are followed by a bitter finish. The tannins slowly sneak up on you in the end. It’s very unexpected. I’m sure many of Frank’s political targets can relate. Smh…Frank has done some sneaky, vindictive stuff to the people around him. (Ohhh Zoe) But unlike Frank, these tannins are not overbearing. I found it easy to bounce back from the bitterness to continue enjoying my glass. Unfortunately, many of Frank’s victims cannot say the same.

All in all, I really enjoyed this cab franc. It’s definitely a great, affordable Central Market find that I recommend trying! Don’t let Frank or I catch you slippin’ on this one!


Overall Rating: 4 Corks

Buzzworthy: Domaine Lorque Cab Franc contains 13 percent alcohol. Most reds range between 12 and 16 percent. So, 13 percent really isn’t that high. I had three pours of this wine and didn’t feel a thing. (lol) But hey, that doesn’t mean you can drink a whole bottle of this Cab Franc and feel fine. Moderation is key in everything ;)

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