Donkey and Goat Mourvèdre Rosé

Donkey Wine

2014 Donkey and Goat Mourvèdre Rosé
Price: $22.99
Region: El Dorado
Retailer: D&Q The Beer Station (or order online)

Hey wine luvhers!! I know it’s been a minute month since my last post, but I’ve returned with a great recommendation for #WineWednesday.

It’s rosé season! Drink Pink has been the summer anthem!

I started the summer trying to find a good rosé, but was unsuccessful. So, I gave up and surprisingly spent most of the summer discovering my new affinity for red wines. #ThanksSoSo

Anyways, my summer rosé draught came to end when I stumbled across Donkey and Goat Mourvèdre Rosé while hanging out at Public Services Wine & Whisky Bar in downtown Houston on Monday. Isn’t it funny how good things come when you’re not looking ;)

Well, this wine had me at Berkeley, California! I lived in the Berkeley (#gobears) for four years and never knew there was any kind of wine culture there. The city has definitely upgraded since I left. Anyways, Donkey and Goat Winery takes a unique approach to making its wine. All wines are made by hand through a spontaneous fermentation process, aged in oak, and completely unfiltered. Their “less-is-more” approach is evident in the fact that their ingredient list is basically grapes and minimal Sulphur to preserve the wine. This is sooo Berkeley!! Loving their sustainability practices :)

Donkey and Goat Winery has definitely made me believe in rosé again. Check out my thoughts below!

Ty’s Takeaways…

So, what was my problem with rosé anyways? The rosés I was drinking were very tart and dry. To my surprise, Mourvèdre Rosé was the perfect middle ground.

Before I share my tasting notes, let me give you a little background on Mourvèdre and rosé. Mourvèdre is a red grape varietal that is grown in many regions in France, but this one is found in California. It is often used to make rosé and port-style fortified wines. Now you’re probably wondering how rosé gets its pink color from a red grape. Well, rosés only incorporate some of the color from the grape skins. The skin is soaked in the juice for a short amount of time and then removed before the fermentation process is completed. The longer the skin is left in contact with the juice, the more intense the color of the wine. Now back to the wine:)

Mourvèdre Rosé is deep pink in color. I hate to sound basic, but it really reminded me of pink lemonade lol. Funky fresh best describes this wine to me. Funky on the nose and yet fresh on the tongue. This rosé had a very earthy, mineral smell to it, but as soon as you take that first sip it hits you with a powerful punch. I didn’t find it dry at all. It had this subtle fruity citrus flavor that was very refreshing. A little tart on the backend, but that hint of acidity in the wine is definitely manageable. It was so good I had to go buy my own bottle and show this Berkeley Winery some love! Hey, Mourvèdre Rosé is the only ah-mazing thing to come out of Berkeley!#straightoutofcal

Overall Rating: 4 Corks

Buzzworthy: Mourvèdre Rosé contains 13.3 percent ALC/VOL. Apparently, Mourvèdre can produce tannic wines that are high in alcohol. That’s my kind of grape! I’ve been sipping slow on this one, but this Californian wine is definitely buzz worthy. You should pick up or order this bottle if you’re looking for a nice summer rosé. Sidenote: I know summer is almost over, but it’s never too late to add a new wine into your weekly rotation!

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