Don’t Be Scared! Try Red!

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Talk about a lazy Labor Day Weekend! I’ve done absolutely nothing over the past three days. I’ve barely ventured outside of my apartment, except to run errands and go to church. I was hoping to be more productive, but yeah that didn’t quite happen. Instead, I’ve been catching up on Netflix and enjoying wine that I recently purchased at Vino & Vinyl.

Let’s Talk About Reds, Baby

So, I’ve been on this red wine kick all summer thanks to this guy that I’ve been seeing. He wasn’t a wine drinker prior to me, but he is now ;) Since he preferred reds, we kind of started in that lane and stayed, only stepping out for the occasional white. While teaching him about wine, my palate has also expanded in the process. I definitely find myself opting for red now, which is crazy because I’ve always been #teamwhite. But, if I can teach this Henny drinking dude to appreciate red wine, then I can do the same for my wine luvhers too!

Not to generalize, but most women start off on the sweeter side of the vine when they first drink wine. Kool-Aid Moscato has a very sweet, favorable taste that our palates are used to. #noshade

On the other hand, reds are known to be bitter and tart, which can be an adjustment for some people. But, that’s why I’m here…to help my wine luvhers who are ready to take that next step in their wine journey. I’ve been sipping on two red wines this weekend that I think are perfect if you’re just starting to venture into red wines.

There’s Levels To This!


2013 Smashberry Red Wine
Price $15
Region: Central California
Retailer: Vino & Vinyl (or check online)

LEVEL ONE: Smashberry Red Wine is re-donkulously good! It’s a really good starter red in my book. Why? The bouquet on this wine is so sweet, almost like candy. I could smell this bottle all day! But, don’t get stuck on its aromas because this red wine offers something completely different once you take a sip. Unlike your heavier reds like Merlot and Malbec, Smashberry is light and filled with fruit flavors. The tannins are very subtle while the fruit flavors of blackberries and cherries just sit on your tongue. It literally feels like a party in your mouth and one that you won’t want to end. The red is not sugary sweet like a Moscato, but offers a nice balance between the tart and fruit flavors. It’s definitely a nice transition red!


2013 Cycle Buff Beauty
Varietal: Shiraz (90%), Malbec (10%)
Price: $19
Region: South Australia
Retailer: Vino & Vinyl (or check online)

LEVEL TWO: Now it’s time to put on your big girl panties! Smashberry allowed you to still hold on to some of that sweetness most beginner winos are comfortable with, but Cycle Buff Beauty is definitely going to push you to the next vine. Now, I know you’re probably thinking Shiraz and Malbec mixed together? Nah, homie!! I know, I know…both of these wines are on the drier spectrum. However, this two together make a beautiful match, especially with the Shiraz dominating. On the nose you’ll get hints of floral and plums, blackberries, with some spice on the palate. Again, this wine is not too dry or tart…the fruit flavors aren’t as dominant in this red as the Smashberry. I actually enjoy the acidity you get on the backend. It’s a nice surprise and for some reason I find it very soothing. As your palate becomes more immune to more tart flavors, Cycle Buff is that game changer that will help you go the next level in reds.

Ty’s Takeaways…

So, I just want to make it clear that I’m not hating on my Moscato/Riesling wine drinkers! If sweet wine is your thing, then do you boo! BUT….if you’re interested in trying red wines and don’t know where to start, definitely try Smashberry or Cycle Buff Beauty. Wine is so amazing and we all have our favorites. I just hope that I can introduce you to something new! If you know of other reds that are good for beginners, leave them in the comment section below. Until next time wine luvhers…


  1. September 9, 2015 / 1:19 am

    hey ty! thanks for the link to your site. i’m so glad you shared it with me! looking forward to exploring your page and learning about your recommendations. i have most assuredly NOT been a red wine luvher, BUT that smashberry sounds oh, so tempting.

    as for whites, i used to LOVE riesling, but i think my taste buds decided they’d had enough (kool-aid, indeed), so i usually go for pinot grigios.

    • Your Glass or Mine
      September 9, 2015 / 3:40 am

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog!! Trust me, Smashberry is ah-mazing! Let me know if you get around to trying it. If you’re a former Riesling drinker, I have a new white that I’m going to review later this week, so stay tuned :)

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