Kroger’s Cork & Tap

REASON #56 of why I heart Houston: Grocery stores chains (ex: HEB, Kroger, Trader Joe’s) offer wine samples to shoppers during the weekend. Yes!!  Just the incentive I needed to fight for parking and stand in long lines just for the sake of putting food in my fridge. If you live in Houston or a city with one of these grocery stores, then you know my excitement.

Can I get an amen?

But, guess what wine luvhers?! The sip and shop experience just went from a level two to ten because my new best friends at Kroger have introduced Cork & Tap, an in-store beer and wine bar at its Heights location (1035 N. Shepherd). I was too excited when I found out, so I made the trek across 610 to I-10 to see what Cork & Tap was talkin’ bout.

Ty’s Takeaways…

Just like Cheers. Hey, Friend, Hey!

Cork & Tap is located in the middle of the wine aisle at the Heights Kroger, so you can’t miss it! It seriously feels like you’re in this wine mecca…away from the hustle and bustle of other shoppers. I immediately got this Cheers vibe. You can either pull up a seat at the bar OR sit at one of the many high top tables. I sat at the bar because I wanted to be up close and personal to all the wine options ;)

The bar offers eight white and eight red wines poured from a Enomatic Wine Dispenser Machine. (Sidenote: I’ll touch on this ah-mazing wine vending machine in my next blog post). Prices for a three ounce pour range from $4-10, which isn’t too bad.

Complete wine list

Funny story: I decided to pick from the list of white wines because it’s just too damn hot in Houston to drink reds for my personal liking. Anyways, I decide to order the Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir. (Spoiler: It was the bomb dot com!! Don’t worry, I’m planning to post a full review on this wine as well soon.)

The server puts this glass in front of me….

Don’t play me!

I seriously had to pause and take a minute to collect myself.

Please tell me I’m getting punk’d, right?!

I did not want to have another Wicked Wine Run incident. #nottodaysatan

Luckily, my server explained that the small glass was just a complimentary sample. #mybad

See another perk…you can get a one ounce sample of wine before you purchase a full glass. They also offer complimentary cheese to go with the wine. I loved the bar atmosphere, not to mention the two flat screen TVs were a nice touch. Cork & Tap is a nice pick me up option while you’re grocery shopping. But, honestly forget the grocery shopping! I plan to go back just from the White Pinot Noir alone!! Oh, and one last thing, there’s a two drink limit at the bar. Definitely, don’t want shoppers getting drunk in the store. Cork & Tap is also located at Krogers in Katy (1712 Spring Green Blvd.) and Cypress ( 20355 Cypresswood Drive). Hopefully, they’ll expand to other locations soon. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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