Take Flight: Airport Wine Bars

Lately, I’ve had the travel bug! There are so many countries that I want to visit (and drink wine in). I often think that if I had the opportunity for a “do-over,” I actually would’ve traveled more in my twenties! But, hey I’m still young, single, and absolutely kid free! #notready

After a bumpy start to the first part of the year, I made the decision that I would start living more. My life is so structured. I hardly ever step outside the box if it hasn’t been planned out in advance.

I think that’s why I bought a ticket to New York without even thinking twice, back in March, when my friend mentioned I needed to come visit. I didn’t even hesitate, worry about money, or request PTO before making the purchase. I just did it and honestly it felt good. And then a couple weeks later, I went on a booking frenzy lol. Before, I knew it I had five trips planned (not all bought in one sitting), which would mean five trips to the airport.

But, oh how I love the whole airport experience….said no one EVER! It sucks! Sooooo many people, long lines, tedious security checks, and not mention recent computer glitches, which have caused flight delays and cancellations. *Oh hey, Delta and Southwest*

Moments like these are when having a drink might not be so bad. That’s why I was so overjoyed to see that more and more wine bars are popping up in airports around the country. Just like the sip and shop experience I talked about last week, people have the option to sip some wine before taking a flight. And these are not rinky dink pop-ups. These are legit, high-end wine establishments. I must say that sitting at a wine bar and having a glass of wine before boarding my flight has literally been a saving grace for my attitude on my last two trips.

Vino Volo

Vino Volo can not only be found at airports, but also within cities as well. I stopped by the Oakland Airport location. After barely making my returning flight with 30 minutes to spare…only to be told my flight was delayed for another 30 minutes, I desperately needed a drink to calm my nerves…ASAP!

So, as I looked at the wine list, I struggled to find a wine that I actually wanted to buy. Well one reason is because the list was very red heavy and ’tis the season of white wines for me. The list of whites was very limited. They offered four Chardonnays and one Pinot Grigio/Sauv Blanc/Riesling. I honestly struggled to select something and almost walked away, but I really, really wanted some wine :)

Second, the cost a glass was a little on the expensive side for me. Prices ranged from $8-25. I really don’t like paying more than $12 a glass and even that’s pricey. If that’s the case, then I can just buy a bottle!! But again, I was all discombobulated from almost missing my flight that I needed to treat myself to a nice glass of wine. With that being said, I opted for a glass of Reisling. That was the only reasonable choice for my liking and wallet ;)

However, I won’t let the price or limited white selection keep me from visiting another Vino Volo. I did appreciate that they offered wine flight options. In fact, I think you’d probably be better off at getting your money’s worth by purchasing a flight of wines instead.


Nice seating area at Vino Volo.


Wine Menu


Glass of wine comes with tasting notes.


Here’s a closer look at the tasting note card.

Le Grand Comptoir Wine + Food Bar

I randomly stumbled across Le Grand Comptoir as I was preparing for my Detroit flight at Bush International Airport last month. If you live in Houston, then you know that Bush is considered the ‘far’ airport, which is why it hasn’t been my first choice to fly out of until I discovered it had a wine bar.

Le Grand Comptoir is located in Concourse C, where the international United flights are stationed. Although, I was set to fly out of Concourse A, I was determined to check this place out! After arriving at the airport early, I rode the tram two concourses over just to get a sip. *sigh…the things I’ll do for wine*

Le Grand Comptoir is French focused, although it offers wines from a host of regions. The menu is very extensive and organized down to the tee by wine type. They have pages and pages of wine that are pretty reasonably priced. I tried a Malbec Rosé, which almost made me miss my flight. It was that good! I really liked Le Grand Comptoir A LOT and guess what?! My October flight to Mexico leaves out of Concourse C at Bush, so you know where I’ll be stopping!





Flying doesn’t have to be a drag when there’s wine involved. A big round of applause for the people responsible for putting these wine bars in airports. We thank you for making our flying experience a little bit more tolerable and enjoyable!


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