Amancay Torrentés Reserva


Amancay Torrentés Reserva
Region: La Rioja, Argentina
Vintage: 2014
Varietal: Torrentés
Cost: $7.99
Retailer: Trader Joe’s

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock lately, it’s the #summerofwhitewine16 here at YGOM! For my red wine lovers, I promise to start profiling more reds in the fall. But stick with me just a while longer as I explore my love for whites this summer.

Recently, I was at Trader Joe’s when I came across this Torrentés Reserva from the Amancay Winery in Argentina. Now, Torrentés is a varietal that I was not familiar with, so I was very interested to give it a try.

Torrentés is a white Argentine wine grape varietal. The grape is grown pretty much nowhere else in the world but Argentina. However, Spain also has a grape called Torrentés, but the two grapes are apparently unrelated.

Just to make Torrontés a little more complicated, it turns out the grape in Argentina has three sub-varieties: the Torrontés Riojano, the best and most aromatic, which comes from the northern province of La Rioja and Salta; the less aromatic Torrontés Sanjuanino, from the San Juan province south of La Rioja; and the much-less aromatic Torrontés Mendocino, from the Mendoza area.

Back in 2011, the New York Times claimed that Torrontés might be the hottest thing to arrive from Argentina since Malbec (or the tango). Well five years later, I still haven’t heard much about this grape, but that’s okay because if this Argentine white is all that it’s hyped up to be…hopefully YGOM can help make a name for it in the U.S.

Ty’s Takeaways…

As a result of La Rioja’s vineyard’s location — 3,000 to nearly 4,000 feet above sea level– the sunny, dry climate results in intensely flavored grapes. Amancay Torrentés Reserva has a beautiful aroma that I wouldn’t mind wearing everyday. It’s light and airy, with a mix of floral scents and hints of peach. I really enjoyed the bit of peach that comes through on the nose. I think it brings the whole bouquet together for this wine.

This Argentine white is not dry at all. Definitely medium in body and very fruit forward. Please note that I would not classify this as a ‘sweet wine’ by any means. While you can taste peach and pear flavors, I love that a bit of acidity and tartness lingers on the backend of the wine, which I believe balances out the strong fruit flavors you may experience on the front end. It’s a great wine to sip on during the warm summer days.

Overall Rating: 4 Corks

Buzzworthy: Amancay Torrentés Reserva is another great white wine to add into your summer portfolio. Torrentés contains 13 percent ALC by VOL, so sip slowly. According to Trader Joe’s, in most wine shops, you’d pay upwards of $12 a bottle for a decent Torrentés. So, at $8, it’s definitely a steal. If you’re hosting a dinner party, Torrentés is a good white wine to impress your guests with at a low cost. Cheers to another great YGOM find!



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