Wicked Wine Run (The Do Over)


Earlier this month, I participated in the Wicked Wine Run at Hye Meadow Winery in Fredricksburg. For those that are not familiar with Fredricksburg, it’s the Napa (well kind off, no shade) of Texas.

As you may recall, I participated in the 1k at the Wicked Wine Run in Galveston back in April and had a horrible time. I was really displeased with the distribution of wine. It was served in little bitty communion sized cups. At $40, this so called “1k through the scenic vineyard with four tastings” was a rip-off and a waste of my time. To say I was unhappy was an understatement.

Luckily my blogger voice was heard and the event organizer reached out to apologize. Apparently, that was not the typical setup for a wine run. With that apology, I was invited to participate in another wine run in Fredricksberg to experience how a real Wicked Wine Run should go. The organizer graciously provided me with two complimentary VIP tickets for the 5K and 1K. A little hesitant I decided to make a weekender out of it since I’d never been to Fredricksburg before. Hey, everyone does deserve a second chance, right?!

Ty’s Takeaways…

The 5k

Sooooo, I was a bit ambitious in thinking I could do the 5K…lol. Mind you, I haven’t run a 5K since the 2013 Houston Turkey Trot. *insert face palm* A couple of factors hindered me from actually running. One, it was hot as hell outside! Yes, Houston is hot, but humid and strangely it doesn’t bother me as much. Austin on the other hand is dry hot and it was 90 degrees. Two, the 5K course was not made for running. It was grassy and unleveled AND had slight inclines at certain points. Between the heat and trying to hike my way through the course, I definitely wasn’t going to be running. The only thing that kept me going was the wine at the finish line. #praiseHim

They offered a red wine (2013 Dolcetto) that was described as a lightweight soft dry red and a white wine (2014 Roussane) that was described as a fruity, but fuller-bodied dry white. I opted for the white, which wasn’t that great. It was too dry and not chilled enough for my liking. After surviving the 5K, we still had the 1K to complete next.

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The 1K

The 1K was a breeze compared to the 5K…lol. Plus, there were four wine stations set up along the course.


Walk it out!


Views of the vineyard.


First up: Junkyard White. Described as a delicious off-dry, fruity white.


Thank you for having REAL cups this time! I actually got to experience the wine. Plus, the server at this station gave us a double pour. #winning


Junkyard Red….it’s their #1 seller and I see why! It was the best out of the four. Lots of dark fruit flavors with a smooth finish.


Sundown, a gently sweet, easy to drink blush. I didn’t care for this wine too much. It tasted like medicine.


Edelzwicker, the winery’s best-selling sweet wine. Too sweet for my liking.

Good times all around! I’m very appreciative that the organizers behind the Wicked Wine Run gave me the opportunity to experience the event the right way. I hope that Galveston gets it together next year. The Wicked Wine Run is a fun event, especially with a group of friends. I personally recommend the 1K, unless you’re Sporty Spice and really enjoy running. Plus, you get more wine with the 1K. #justsayin

Check out a listing of locations here. Until my next wine adventure…


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