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I’m always looking for new places to enjoy wine. More and more, I’m discovering that you don’t have to go some fancy shmancy wine bar to have good wine! Recently, a friend pointed out that Whole Foods has an amazing bar with great wine deals, so you know I had to check it our for myself.

Ty’s Takeaways…

The sip and shop experience just keeps getting better and better. Earlier this summer, I blogged about Kroger’s Cork & Tap. That was my first taste at what an in-store wine bar could offer. That was until I visited the Whole Foods Bar in Montrose. The bar in Wholes Foods is on another level and even puts some of the local happy hours in the neighborhood to shame! Here’s why:

  • Wine List: The Whole Foods Bar wine list is more extensive than Cork & Tap’s. It includes over 20 red, white, and sparkling wines. The menu often has a theme that changes weekly. During my visit, wines from Chile were featured on the menu. Another plus–if you don’t like any of the suggested wines on the menu, you can pick a bottle off the shelf and ask the bar to serve it instead.


  • Prices: The prices are very reasonable!! A standard glass of wine ranges from $4 to $15.
  • Big Pours: So, I haven’t been to a place in a while where the pours were so generous. It almost brought me to tears!

Almost to the brim!!

  • Good Deals: You definitely get your money’s worth between the prices and the pours. To up the ante, the Whole Foods Bar offers flights of wines as well. You can choose any three wines off the menu for $10. I love that the flights are not preassigned! That makes it more fun. The bar also $5 mimosas–great for some morning shopping!

Vinho Verde, Rosè, Sauvignon Blanc

  • No Limit: One of the biggest perks about the bar at Whole Foods is that you can walk around and shop with your wine. At Kroger, you’re limited to two drinks and must sit in the bar area. Plus, there is not limit to the number of glasses you can purchase.
  • Food: I love that at Whole Foods you can purchase food at the store and eat it in the bar area. While at Cork & Tap, the bar offers complimentary cheese cubes. Not as appealing as ordering a slice of pizza to eat with your wine.

I seriously think that Whole Food’s bar could go head-to-head with some of the wine bars in the city!! Great prices and even better pours.

This is seriously how they pour ;)

I’m not a big Whole Foods shopper, but I’d gladly stop by any day after work for a glass of wine! In fact, I can’t wait to go back. You may see me there this weekend!



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