It’s an Italian Wine Kinda Week

PerbaccoThis week, I visited an Italian restaurant called Perbacco in downtown Houston. Their food is actually really good if you ever get a chance to stop by. For this occasion, I was actually there doing some research for next week’s post, but decided to review some of their wines as well.

I must say that I haven’t really explored Italian wines much. I read that Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and grapes are grown in almost every region of the country. Plus, there are more than one million vineyards under cultivation. Italy is definitely on my list of countries to visit this year (hopefully).

So, what did I drink? I decided to try a Pinot Noir (pictured center) and a Chianti (pictured right). Two very different wines that are worth discussing.

Ty’s Takeaways…

2016 Cavit Pinot Noir
It’s no secret that Pinot Noir is my favorite red wine! I normally go for Pinots that are from the Willamette Valley region of Oregon, so I was looking forward to trying this one. This has 100 percent Pinot Noir grapes that were harvested in the hilly areas throughout Provincia di Pavia in Italy. It was hard to get a good sense of the aromas because they filled the wine practically to the brim (which I’m not mad at), but it does make it hard for the aromas to open up. Like you really care about that though. Anyways, to say that this Pinot is light-bodied is an understatement. It felt like air on my tongue. The flavors carried very well on the palate too. I found it to be very fruit forward with its red cherry and berry flavors. Its velvety smooth texture makes it appealing and easy to savor.

Rating: 3.5 Corks

2016 Rigoletto Chianti
This Chianti is made with 90 percent Sangiovese grapes and 10  Merlot grapes. It is a well-balanced wine of medium weight with jammy flavors of ripe plums, cherries and red fruit. It has a deep crimson color and is a lively wine with a soft mineral finish and a bit of a tannin flavor that lingers for long, peppery finish.

Rating: 3 Corks

Sip, Chug, or Cork It?

I’d sip the Pinot Noir and cork the Chianti. I really enjoyed the Pinot, although it wasn’t one of my favorites. It was everything a Pinot should be…light, vibrant, and full of fruit flavors. The Chianti on the other hand, I could do without. It was too dry for my liking. I’d need to try a couple more Chiantis before I officially remove it from my wine list. 

You want to know something that’s kind of annoying? Both of these wines are under $15 a bottle AND I probably paid about $7 for the glass. Talk about a real mark-up! I probably wouldn’t add any of these into my real rotation, but if you’re looking for a quick pick-up and something less expensive for a Friday night or small gathering, I’d recommend these. Until next week…glasses up!




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