Mo’ Wine, Pour Problems

I like big pours and I cannot lie! When a server stops by with an itty bitty pour I get…


Seriously! Especially, when a glass is probably equivalent to the cost of the bottle…but that’s a whole other issue (sips wine). I have a bit of a problem with the standard pour size in this country. It’s only five ounces and yet at some places it’s probably more like three! Unfortunately, some servers follow that rule to a tee. Booooo to all the restaurants and wine bars who now have ounce markers on their glasses (tré tackÿ) and pour exactly to…that…freakin’…line. Not cool my friends, not cool! At that point, I’d rather just take the bottle and pour it myself.

Just like this :)

All jokes aside, I’m not asking for my cup to runneth over so that I can get wine wasted. It’s all about getting my money’s worth at the end of the day (at least that’s what I tell myself). Now if you love a good pour like me, I found a couple of places in Houston were the servers are a little heavy handed and I’m here for every last ounce!



Now that’s a good pour!

I just wrote about Perbacco a couple of weeks ago. Last year, I went there to have lunch with my friend and noticed that their wine pours were on the heavier side. I knew I had to go back to see if this was just a one-time fluke. My eyes did not deceive me. It really was true. Now, they don’t have the fanciest glasses. The size of the glass is on the smaller size, but at least they make it up by pouring more wine. Queue Diddy…”Pour that, pour that, pour that!”

One thing to note is that these heavier pours are only for their house wines. I saw a table order a bottle of wine and the server poured half of what’s pictured above. That’s cool though. I don’t mind drinking from the house list if it means more wine.

Whole Foods

Does your Whole Foods pour wine like this?

I think people really sleep on Whole Foods. I know it’s super pricey, but inside is a hidden wine and beer bar. Yes, you can drink while you get your shop on. I love the concept and need to take more advantage of it. Anyways, the pours at Whole Foods (on Waugh in Houston) break all the annoying wine rules. See exhibit A above. That is definitely not a standard pour for that type of glass AND I’ve even seen them pour a little bit more before. They definitely pour to please. Shout out to my no limit pourers!

Crazy, right? You’d think they’d be more on the conservative side especially with people shopping and then driving. But, I don’t think by any means that they’re trying to get people drunk, but give them an enjoyable experience. P.S. it works!

Grotto Ristorante – Downtown Houston

Don’t let the picture fool you. There’s plenty of wine in this glass!

Like every restaurant, Grotto serves wine by the glass, but it is their ounce offerings that will take you by surprise….6 ounces (meh) and wait for it…9 ounces! What?!? A 9 ounce pour! Yes, you are reading that correctly. Now whoever thought of that is the real MVP.

It may not look like it (based on the glass), but it was more than enough. In fact, 9oz should be the new standard pour size. How about that? Then if you want less, you can just ask your server. I’d rather get more than enough than to sit there wanting more. But maybe that’s the master plan in the scheme of it all. Pour less, so that the customer will want to order more…

In all seriousness, I get that there is an art to how you’re supposed to experience wine. The standard pour size helps limit the amount of alcohol you’ll take in. But, most importantly, it allows oxygen to remain in the glass to further open up the wine and give you a rich aromatic impression before the wine even hits your palate. It all makes sense. I just wish some servers weren’t so stingy with their pouring. A little extra wine never hurt anyone, especially if the customer is really enjoying the wine. I guess it really is true, Mo’ Wine, Pour Problems. So, if you know of any other places that know how to give a good pour please let me know. Would love to hear! Until next time…glasses up!


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