Noble Rot Wine Bar


Noble Rot Wine Bar located inside of Conservancy in downtown Houston.

I’d like to think that I know about all the wine bars in Houston, but last week I was scrolling on the ‘gram and came across Noble Rot Wine Bar. Of course, I immediately googled it and saw that it was actually located inside of Conservancy in downtown Houston. For those not familiar with Conservancy, it’s an underground beer garden and food hall. How cool does that sound? I don’t really hang out much downtown, but this was worth a trip to check out.

So, when you get to Conservancy, you take a flight of steps down to get to the food hall area. Noble Rot Wine Bar is located towards the front end. It has a small bar area with seating for maybe eight and then there are tables throughout the hall for people to sit as well. I noticed that most people just came up to the bar to order their wine and then left to walk around. My friend and I arrived around a little after 8:30 p.m. and the place was pretty lit as the young kids like to say. Lots of people, great energy, and the place was playing old school hip hop/r&B jams.

The menu features wines from all over the world. The first couple of pages are wines by the glass mostly sold at $5-8. The remaining pages are higher priced wines sold by the bottle. My favorite part of the menu are their flights. So, for $8 you can try any three wines off the first two pages of the menu AND for $10 you can try four. Now that’s a great deal. Most wine flights are not that cheap in the city. Go to places like Cru or Sonoma Wine Bars and you’ll probably pay around $15 to $30 for a flight of three wines depending on the varietal. At $10, my friend and I both got two flights.

Oh yeah!

From left to right:

  • Disruption (Red Blend) — 5 Corks
    This red was soooo good!! One of the best reds I’ve tried in a long time. Light, smooth, and fruit-forward
  • Primarius (Pinot Noir) — 4 Corks
    Pretty solid for a Willamette Pinot.
  • Babich (Sauvignon Blanc) — 4 Corks
    Nice grassy, citrus flavors…what you’d typically expect from a New Zealand Sauv.
  • Vibracions (Sparkling Rosé) — 3 Corks
    I need to stop playing myself with dry sparkling wines. They are just not my thing. It’s the one type of wine that I prefer to be sweeter if it has bubbles (ala a mimosa). For those reasons I wasn’t the biggest fan.

But overall, I was very pleased with my flight selection and at the $10 price point ordered another flight of four. For $20, I was able to try 8 wines, which was a good chunk of the flight menu.


Oh, and I can’t leave with mentioning their $1 Champagne shots. Now that’s a first! I’m hear for it, especially since that’s about all the Champagne I can take on it’s own.

shots, shots, shots

All in all, Noble Rot Wine Bar is a pretty cool spot. I love everything about this underground wine bar from the ambiance to the wine of course. You should definitely check it out if you’re ever in downtown Houston! Until next time…glasses up!


  1. Yvette
    February 3, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Great info. Enjoyed reading. Maybe if you’re in California I’ll show you around wine country.
    So much to see and experience.
    All the best

    • Your Glass or Mine
      February 6, 2018 / 4:50 am

      Thanks, Yvette! I’ll let you know if I make it out there.

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