Enjoying Temecula!

About the Blog

In 2015, Your Glass or Mine (YGOM) began as a personal challenge to expand my wine knowledge beyond my normal drinking habits. Leading up to this idea, I had a boring job and desperately needed a creative outlet to keep me entertained. So, I combined my love for writing and wine to create this site.

YGOM is for the everyday person who enjoys wine (or is starting to), but really doesn’t know much about it outside of what they usually like to sip on. No matter where you are on your wine journey, YGOM is here to equip you with the resources to take your wine game to the next level. Like Beyoncé said, “Trust me you need me!” I share everything from the best, affordable wines to buy and where to drink them to tips on how to maximize your overall wine experience.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to know any fancy jargon to read or understand this blog. I like to keep things real and light around these vines. Trust, your love alone for wine is all the vine cred you’ll need! I believe that wine is truly at its best when paired with good conversation, so be prepared to be entertained (and maybe even inspired) as I guide you through the wonderful world of wine. Now, grab a glass and let’s chat!

I just have one question for you…your glass or mine?

Fall Harvest 2016 in Sonoma.

About Ty

I’m a Houston-based healthcare PR professional by day and wine blogger by night. I’ve been blogging about wine for two years now. I recently completed level one of my WSET certification, so this habit is no longer just a hobby! I’ll be pursing level two in 2017.

So, when did you fall in love with wine?

To say that I love wine is an understatement. I’ve been drinking wine since my misguided early twenties when I thought Sutter Home Moscato was legit to sip. I’ve since graduated onto more mature wines lol.

Favorite Wine

I’m a big fan of white wine. That’s what I drink 90 percent of the time. My first love is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I also have a thing for Viognier and Albariño. My favorite red is Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley.

Wine Pet Peeves

Hmmm, let’s see…

  • I cringe every time I hear someone order Moscato. I swear a grape falls off a vine somewhere.
  • Small pours…just call me the Pour Police because anything under 6 oz is unacceptable, unless I’ve specifically asked for a half pour.

Favorite Place to Grab a Glass of Wine

I love, love, LOVE 13 Celsius in Houston. It’s a cute European-styled wine bar with an amazing wine list. I’m also a fan of Cork Wine Bar in Dallas. Such a hip, laid back place to enjoy wine.

Destination W-I-N-E

I enjoying visiting Temecula, but I absolutely love the Napa/Sonoma. I hope to explore more international wine regions this year.